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Help your students develop skills in technology, engineering, and design while building the social and emotional intelligence necessary for success in the 21st century 

Critical Thought

Being able to reason, evaluate, analyze, decision make, and problem solve are necessary for success in school, work, and even fun! 


Imagination leads to innovation and invention. We nurture the seed of creativity that lives in every student. 


Effective communication is an essential skill that allows us to better understand and connect with the world around us. 


Collaboration is about connection. Healthy connection is vital for real world success. We facilitate collaborative learning environments in all our programs.  

Better use of technology in the classroom. 

Coding, eSports, design, technology. What do they all have in common? They are the building blocks of the future and vital for the success of our students today. Find out how we can help you bring these tools to your students in a relevant way. 

Why use gaming and design in your classroom?

How do eSports, video games, and design build social and emotional intelligence and other core skills for success? Watch the video presentation to find out more.


Programs that make a REAL difference.

eSports, gaming, and design enrichment program:

Integrative by design.

The eSports, gaming, and design program strengthens more than just gaming and computer skills; through group work and gameplay we develop strategic thinking, emotional and social intelligence.

Accessibly interdisciplinary.

This program is designed to open students’ minds to the power of teamwork and the possibilities that exist in the multi-faceted world global technology has made available to us.


Immediately relevant.

Through eSport games such as Heroes of the Storm and League of legends, we combat cyber-bullying and build positive impersonal communication skills preparing our students for 21st century success.


Engineering and design enrichment program:

Practical knowledge.

Integrating math skills, design principles, critical and creative thought in both 2D and 3D environments, our Engineering and Design Program develops the skills necessary to invent, innovate, improve, design, and build!

Inspiring innovation.

This program takes a creative approach to engineering basics. Through the accessible lens of design, students will learn the basics of programing and CAD development.

Improved process.

Our project based approach makes the relevant application to the students and their world immediately evident building functional skills for a 21st century economy.

Happy students, happy schools.

We create our programs to be functional and efficient, adding more value to your campus from every angle. 


 ” I feel that the LoL program opened my eyes to new career opportunities.”


“eSports got me to think on my toes, and I like that because I am a person who likes to think strategically.”


“The eSports program taught me to slow my thinking to the pace of whatever task I am doing.”


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